Saturday, March 6, 2010


It is reported that the environmentally important COASTAL REGULATION ZONE NOTIFICATION IS BEING re made TO PAVE WAY FOR CONSTRUCTION of Houses IN COASTAL AREAS IN THE NAME OF 'HOUSING FOR POOR' and enabling recommendation is available in Report of Dr. M.S.Swaminathan Committee for review of CRZ notification 1991.WRONG THING IS BEING DONE IN RIGHT WAY by putting one of the important issue of the society against other. What Government should think over - IS THERE NOT ANY ALTERNATIVE to CARRY OUT OUR COMMITTMENT TO HOUSING FOR POOR?have we exhausted all options to poor in housing? IS COASTAL AREA PENETRATION ALONE IS WAY left out? WHO WILL BENEFIT IN LONGRUN? HOW MUCH ENVIRONMENT WILL BE AFFECTED? IF CONSTRUCTION IN COASTAL AREA IS AGAINST ENVIRONMENT THEN HOW THE PURPOSE WILL JUSTIFY THE SAME? ARE WE NOT PUTTING THE POOR IN RISk? In my opinion authorities are becoming victims of Manipulative Moves of some interested groups. Authorities must tread on the subject carefully without falling prey for their own whims and fancies or of others!

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